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Ikea Bed Assembly

Ikea storage bed assembly


What can be better than coming home after a long day and lay down on your bed? We bet you can’t think of anything else. Well, luckily, Ikea has a lot of different bed frames to offer. Whether you prefer light and airy lines or heavy, solid designs, you can find a perfect bed frame for you at Ikea. One of the most popular Ikea bed frames is Ikea MALM storage bed. This bed is not only very practical as it can suit any interior, it will also help you resolve the storage issue you probably have. The storage boxes of this bed are so spacious and the best thing about them is that they don’t take any of your floor space as they are placed right underneath the bed frame. Although this bed has a lot of good features, putting together any Ikea storage bed is not an easy thing to do. First of all, Ikea bed frame parts are pretty heavy, and secondly, you have to deal with the storage boxes assembly and installation that is not a pleasant pastime. Fortunately, Pronto Assembly technicians can handle any furniture assembly. We’ve lost count of how many Ikea storage beds we assembled for our customers, so we can assure you that your new Ikea storage bed is in right hands if you trust its delivery and assembly to us.

Ikea bunk and loft beds assembly


Ikea bunk and loft beds are very popular among those who have kids. This kind of bed is a smart way to use all of your kids’ room floor space. You can place a workstation or a play area under the bunk or loft bed and the room would still look spacious. Ikea bunk bed is a perfect way to make happy both you and your kids. Some Ikea loft beds such as STUVA come with storage units that makes it even more compelling if you suffer from the lack of storage space in your apartment. And just think about how handy this can be for your kids’ multiple toys and books. With Ikea loft beds they will be happy to stay in their room while you’re enjoying your favorite TV show. Hire Pronto Assembly for its delivery and assembly, and it can be all setup  and ready to use in as short as one day.

Three easy steps:


Step 1.

If you know what you want, create your shopping list on If you want us to design for you, skip to step 3.​


Step 2.

View your Shopping List, Choose Print, then Save a PDF to your computer's desktop or folder (view this screenshot to find "Print")

Step 3.

Click to fill out our quote form below to select and upload your list PDF (optional), submit the form and we'll be in touch with a quote:

Ikea bed assembly in Brooklyn

Delivery pricing


up to $499

up to $1000

up to $1499

above $1500





Contact us

*Additional fees apply for market place items under $25

Assembly pricing


Our assembly service rates are based on the complexity of the items you want us to put together for you. Our experienced technicians will assemble any of your Ikea items quickly and easily. Just send us your shopping list and we will provide you with a flat rate quote.


We can also assemble your non-IKEA furniture! No furniture assembly is too difficult for our experienced technicians. Send us the links to your non-Ikea furniture and we will get back to you with a quote for our assembly service

*Additional fees may apply for the assembly of: Pax system, besta system, wall mounted cabinets, curtains rods, tv mounting etc.

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