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IKEA Besta cabinet installation

Ikea Besta TV stand


If you ever thought of getting an IKEA Besta unit, you definitely know how great this IKEA product is. Not only you can use Ikea Besta as a freestanding TV unit, you can also create an entertainment center using Ikea Besta cabinets.  Pronto Assembly created so many Ikea Besta storage units for its customers, that we can assure you, you will never find more professional cabinets installers than we are. Watching TV will be even more fun if you put your TV on a beautiful Ikea Besta TV stand or wall mount your TV along with the Besta cabinets. Either way, you definitely won’t regret about choosing Ikea Besta series.

Ikea Besta wall unit


Don’t think that Ikea Besta is good only for living room, it can be used virtually anywhere, whether it’s your bedroom or your kids’ room. With Ikea Besta cabinets you can create a unique storage space arranging them the way you want in any of your rooms. And the best thing about Ikea Besta cabinets is that you can hang them on a wall so they won’t take any of the floor space making your room more spacious.  Ikea Besta storage cabinets are so practical! You can use them with doors as storage units, or without them as wall shelf units. The only problem that can occur for you is that the Ikea Besta wall mounting is not as easy as it may sound. But even that is something you don’t have to worry about if you hire Pronto Assembly for your cabinets wall mounting. Pronto Assembly will shop, deliver and install your Ikea Besta unit the next day. The only thing left for you to do is to think about how you want your new Ikea Besta storage unit to look. ☺

Three easy steps:


Step 1.

If you know what you want, create your shopping list on If you want us to design for you, skip to step 3.​


Step 2.

View your Shopping List, Choose Print, then Save a PDF to your computer's desktop or folder (view this screenshot to find "Print")

Step 3.

Click to fill out our quote form below to select and upload your list PDF (optional), submit the form and we'll be in touch with a quote:


Delivery pricing


up to $499

up to $1000

up to $1499

above $1500





Contact us

*Additional fees apply for market place items under $25

Assembly pricing


Our assembly service rates are based on the complexity of the items you want us to put together for you. Our experienced technicians will assemble any of your Ikea items quickly and easily. Just send us your shopping list and we will provide you with a flat rate quote.


We can also assemble your non-IKEA furniture! No furniture assembly is too difficult for our experienced technicians. Send us the links to your non-Ikea furniture and we will get back to you with a quote for our assembly service

*Additional fees may apply for the assembly of: Pax system, besta system, wall mounted cabinets, curtains rods, tv mounting etc.

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