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IKEA NYC Delivery & Assembly Frequently Asked Questions

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash and all major credit cards. A 3.5% processing fee applies to all CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS

What stores do you deliver from?
We shop at the following stores: IKEA Brooklyn, NY and IKEA Elizabeth, NJ

How do I receive an assembly quote for Ikea furniture assembly?
You MUST send us the name and the article NUMBER for each item that needs tobe assemble or create a shopping list

How can I create a shopping list?

  1. Go to  Website

  2. Add items to you "store shopping list"

  3. When you are done, click "E-mail" at the bottom of the shopping list and you will be able to send a copy to yourself and to us at Or you can print the list, save it to a PDF and send it to us via our online form »


How can I give you my shopping list?

Upload the shopping list through the online form or send it via email to Or you can print the list, save it to a PDF and send it to us via our online form »

What is your IKEA Concierge service?

We'll shop for you, and you never have to go to IKEA Brooklyn. Hands-free shopping! We purchase the items you want and deliver them to your place. We're your IKEA personal shopper at your service. You never leave the house, just forward your shopping list for a quote. This service is only available if we're assembling all of your IKEA furniture that needs to be assembled.

Can I request a specific date and time for Assembly Delivery?

Yes. We offer flexible options for assembly service. You can specify your schedule so we can work around it. Most of our deliveries are made by noon daily. 
How do I book a week or more in advance?

Your shopping list must be submitted and a quote from  us must be approved and a deposit fee is required. The deposit fee will be the delivery fee.

How quickly can an assembly or delivery be scheduled?

We strive for next day delivery and assembly but it is always a good idea to book at least a week ahead if you absolutely need the items delivered at a certain time.

What if some items are out of stock on the shopping day?

This happens from time to time. We will call you for an alternative item for furniture only, not for marketplace items. Keep in mind, we shop at IKEA Brooklyn, NY and IKEA Elizabeth, NJ and we have no control over what's going to be in stock that day, so there's no guarantee that you will get everything. We advise that you check the availability of the items on your list on the day at the specific location.

How do you charge for assembly?

We do not charge by the hour, we charge by the piece (per piece). There are no hidden fees. We have a flat rate, you must send your shopping list including the product names and article numbers.


Do you have minimum assembly fees?

Yes, we do. Pronto services many locations, however, there are costs that need to be covered to take on small projects (fuel, travel time, tolls, parking, subway). All this is built into the minimum fee so there are no discussions of extras later. The fee quoted is what you pay, no extras. If your product arrives damaged or with missing pieces, we still require the minimum fee to be paid and there will be credit towards a second trip. The second trip will be a discounted rate. The minimum rate is  $129.

Do you assemble IKEA products that have been delivered already?

Yes, we do. Forward us your IKEA shopping list with product names and article numbers to receive an assembly quote.


What if I have to cancel my order?

If you have to cancel or reschedule your order less than 24 hours prior the scheduled time, there is a $200 cancellation fee applies. 

Does it cost more if live in a walk up?

Yes, it does. $20 per FLIGHT of stairs after the 2nd floor. We consider the ground floor to be the first floor. For significantly small orders it's possible this charge will be waived.

How long will it take to assemble my item(s)?

Depending on the item’s complexity, it could take anywhere from 20 minutes to two hours per piece. For larger jobs, we send 2 or more techs to speed up the process. Smaller places will take a longer time.

Can the delivery team take away my existing furniture?

If furniture is to be taken out or moved, we recommend that this is done prior to our delivery or assembly service. (Moving or discarding furniture is an extra charge.)

Can I ask the Delivery Team or Service Technician to remove their footwear prior to entering my home?

Pronto technicians are not allowed to remove their footwear. This is for their safety and in compliance with OSHA guidelines (

Is there anything that I should do to get ready for the delivery or assembly team?

Our offices are open 9 am - 9 pm and an IKEA assembly can be scheduled for as early as 7 am. Please ensure that someone over 18 is planning on being home all day especially if you ordered a lot of items. Outside your home, help to ensure the safety of the team by keeping all walkways clear of all debris. Inside your home have a path cleared from the entryway to the room in which the furniture or mattress/foundation will be placed. If you live in an apartment building, condo or office building, please check with the proper individuals to determine if there are any special requirements for the delivery for example: delivery hours, a freight elevator that needs to be reserved, some buildings require us to have a Certificate of Insurance.


Do we have a (COI) Certificate of Insurance?

Yes, we do! Please forward the requirements from your building. We need 24-48 hours notice if the building needs to be added to our policy. There is $50 fee to be added to our policy.


I realized that I don’t like the item(s) I ordered and got delivered by you. How can I return this item(s)?

If for some reason you don’t like the item you ordered and got delivered by us we can help you out with this. We provide our customers with an IKEA return service for $99+ (the price varies depending on the items you want to return).


How can I get rid of the garbage (boxes, plastic bags, etc.) remaining after you assembled the furniture?

We are happy to help you with the garbage remaining after our service. We can take it to the garbage disposal area of your building with no charge for you. Or if you want us to take the garbage with us there will be an extra fee for this $100-250 (depends on the amount of garbage).

Delivery pricing


up to $499

up to $1000

up to $1499

above $1500





Contact us

*Additional fees apply for market place items under $25

Assembly pricing


Our assembly service rates are based on the complexity of the items you want us to put together for you. Our experienced technicians will assemble any of your Ikea items quickly and easily. Just send us your shopping list and we will provide you with a flat rate quote.


We can also assemble your non-IKEA furniture! No furniture assembly is too difficult for our experienced technicians. Send us the links to your non-Ikea furniture and we will get back to you with a quote for our assembly service

*Additional fees may apply for the assembly of: Pax system, besta system, wall mounted cabinets, curtains rods, tv mounting etc.

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