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How to Live Big in Small Apartments?

Let’s be honest, not everyone has the enough of dough required to live in a large, spacey apartment. A lot of people prefer living in small apartments because they are not only easy on the pocket but they are also easier to find in the city, that is helpful when you are trying to find a place near your work. People tend to prefer smaller apartments and living alone rather than sharing a big apartment with 4-5 people. Most of the TV shows might state otherwise, but it can get pretty difficult to survive and compromise with so many people when all you want to do is find a place to chill and relax.

However, as it was mentioned above, you need to feel comfort and pleasant atmosphere in your apartment. It requires lots of time to reach this goal. If you think that buying all the practical stuff will be enough to do this – you are wrong.

It’s important to understand that living in a small apartment does not mean you actually have to live small. Your apartment should resonate your personality and allow you to feel the comfort that a home should have, regardless the size of your apartment. There are a lot of ways you can decorate small apartments in such a way that you’ll be able to fit all the requirements and allow your personality to shine.

One of the first steps of decorating small apartments is to measure out the area. Because you are dealing with a smaller space, each and every part of the apartment should be taken into consideration. This will allow you to make better decisions when it comes to furniture or fillers. Measure the length, width, and height of all the walls. Figure out the sizes and the distances of the windows, measure the kitchen floors and counters, and don’t forget the bathroom!

The next step will be making a list of priorities. Be stern and don’t forget about the space budget — the more space left, the more you can personalize your living area. Once you have decided what appliances and essentials are necessary for your apartment, try to picture them in as well as suppose the time you will be spending on each of these items. This will allow you set a mental picture of what type of things to get and where each of them will go.

Be choosy. This is the best tip for decorating small houses. You need to be sure that you have enough space to keep all the things you really like or need to place in your apartment. For every item that you’ll decide to keep – for example, a lamp – you need to figure out where it will go, as well as where it will be placed or mounted (on the ground or on the wall), where the plug is, and what is most important, how you will hide any excess wiring to allow your apartment to give off a spacious vibe.

The next step comes after you have figured out what to keep in your apartment. Picking out the mesh of colors that you’ll use is the first step to the journey of personalizing your living space. It is important to have at least 2-3 colors in mind which will well with each other as well as give off an airy and spacious vibe. After choosing a pallet, it’s time to go out and start the purchasing process. Because small, comfy apartments have become such a commodity in big cities, you can easily find space saving furniture for small apartments that are specially made for small apartments. One of the major things you should be looking for is how to multitask with each item. For example, an ironing board which can be put away, or a loft bed, sofa bed that can turn into a sofa when you aren’t sleeping or even a table that can fold up to give you space when you aren’t using it. Get a TV that can go on the wall instead of one that needs a table. The creative possibilities with increasing the use of a single item are endless!

After figuring out the furniture, we can move on to the lighting. The lighting is the key to giving your living space a more ‘airy’ effect. Most people make the mistake of going with one or two main lights. Instead, if you opt for soft lights across the apartment, you will be able to give your apartment a cozier, open feeling without doing much. Test out different options until you get the right one.

Lastly, add titbits of your personality around the apartment. Your apartment should resonate with you as a person and allow you to feel a pleasant, cozy home environment. Put up pictures or artwork that you like, or think about plants if it makes you feel more at home — let your creative imagination flow!

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