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Smart Design Ideas For Your Studio Apartment or How To Make The Most Out of Your Tiny Studio?


Now, these days while choosing between a cottage in the suburbs or a studio apartment in the downtown more people are likely to opt for the latter. Hence, the number of those searching for design ideas for their studio apartment is far bigger. And that’s rather evident since everyone strives to set up their dwelling in a creative and organic way. Depending on your preferences, there is a bunch of ideas out there that will have your apartment look spacious, airy and compact at the same time. By exploiting your bookcase as a room divider or mere moving the furniture can make a significant difference. While sticking to the design ideas set out below you are sure to make anything work. Let’s have a look!

While choosing a design idea for the studio apartment most customers attempt to successfully combine two opposite concepts – make a tiny studio look spacious and build in the bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom in one apartment. Although, this idea may sound next to impossible hiring a qualified and experienced designer will help you make the most out of your precious studio! Go through the ideas below to get the gist of what’s meant.

  1. Lift your bed so that the bottom part creates more space. Raising a bed is a splendid alternative to providing more additional space underneath. Depending on your apartment’s design style, you may use this free space merely as the storage for collecting your stuff or even a tiny cabin where, for instance, your desktop and carefully arranged bookshelves may be placed.

  2. Opt for the bed fitting into your closet. Would you like to sleep on a spacious bed but your tiny studio apartment doesn’t seem to have enough space to satisfy this whim of yours? No worries, the alternative is found. Having your bed hidden in the closet in the daytime will help save a plenty of space, and at the same time, you will get a sound sleep on a desirable large bed by mere folding it out before sleep.

  3. Set up mirrors to make your studio appear larger. Mirrored furniture creates a spacious environment reflecting the sunlight around your studio. Mirrors have a positive influence on the visual appearance having your studio look bigger and airy than, in fact, it is. Don’t overdo it, however, as you may cross a line making it look like a dance hall rather than your apartment.

  4. Make the most out of the ceiling and walls. The wall and ceiling space should be exploited as well. Hanging various items may ensure additional benefits like a storage space for your belongings while using them as intended or simply add value to your décor.

  5. Use a bookcase as a room divider. Nowadays the idea of using the bookshelf to divide your living and sleeping areas is going viral. Other than exploiting your bookcase as a functional item, that’s collecting your books and magazines, proper placing may also complement your design style. Besides, it gives a nice look and cozy atmosphere.

  6. Avoid using separate items for storage. Quite a simple concept is meant by this. Use seats, under-bed and under-desktop space etc. for collecting your stuff so that the hidden storage won’t interfere with your environment.

  7. Go for sliding doors for closets. If you are seeking out the ways to save much space, sliders as compared to swing-outs turn out a much better option. But other than that sliding doors provide an elegant look and serve a great complement to the décor.


How To Decorate a Studio Apartment On a Budget?

Even being on a shoestring budget you can decorate your studio in the best possible way. There are few tips for helping save your money for you to consider.

  • Use curtains as a room divider. Everyone strives to keep their privacy, thus dividing the living and sleeping areas is one of the core factors while picking out design ideas. Using curtains even around your bed is one of the pocket-friendly options to create some kind of intimacy.

  • Opt for plants. The plant in the room is what keeps it alive creating a cheerful atmosphere. Go get a plant that doesn’t require much maintenance and save a great deal of money.

  • Repaint your old furniture. Sooner or later we all get tired of the furniture we will see day in and day out. Simply repainting your furniture is a splendid alternative to freshen up and, at the same time, save a bunch of money.

  • Choose a throw rug. So, if you happen to dislike the floor don’t rush to replace it as there is a low-cost alternative out there. Pick up a throw rug and don’t even bother. Throw rugs easily fit into the décor and give the cozy feeling deep inside.

  • Replace old lamp shades. Lighting plays a significant role in the overall visual appearance of your studio. The regular lighting, however, may set you back a substantial sum of money. Hence, purchasing new lamp shades will be a much better option for those on a tight budget.


As a whole, you must have noticed that the furniture industry is stuffed with a bunch of design ideas for you to choose from. Would you like your studio to look airy or you have no idea how to make your storage look invisible? No worries, these issues may be simply fixed by hiring a qualified and experienced designer. Hence, when taking the right approach to your studio apartment arrangement, you are certain to make almost everything work.

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