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Decorating Mistakes You Need To Avoid


People tend to be quite fussy about choosing their home décor since it is something you get to live with day in and day out. Everyone strives to keep up with the latest design trends, subsequently, we pick up bright trendy colors, modern furniture and other elegant elements supposed to give the feeling of coziness and home atmosphere. This whole fashion thing, however, often results in mixing incompatible colors and design styles. Making decorating mistakes is quite natural since even the inborn designer may go wrong. Check out top 12 decorating mistakes people tend to make and avoid doing them from now on, yet if you happen to have already made some of the ones listed below – don’t get upset, there’s always a chance to redo it!

  1. Following the latest trends. The peculiarity of fashion is that it comes and goes, thus those jumping at the new fashion trends will find their ideas unpractical and old-fashioned in the long run. The concept is not about completely turning your back from fashion but rather being truthful to your tastes and preferences.

  2. Opting for looks rather than a practical aspect. Next time while wandering along the furniture store you won’t be able to take your eyes off the new stylish sofa or a fold-out desktop in your favorite green color take your time and don’t rush to check it out. Keep in mind that comfort and practicality precede the looks. No matter how remarkable a given piece of furniture may look like if it’s not a functional item turn down this fad of yours.

  3. Hanging too many pictures or photos in one place. If you are an art collector or simply an art lover so that pieces of art are an essential part of your design idea, scattering them all around your apartment rather than concentrating them in one place would be certainly a much better option. Another splendid alternative would be creating a gallery wall that will have a more elegant and organized look.

  4. Painting without prior testing paint colors. It’s one of the most common mistakes people regret about afterward. Thus, make sure you paint a part of the wall to see whether the color is suitable. And other than that check out how the chosen color looks in the daytime as well as in artificial lighting.

  5. Trying to match everything. The idea of matching the paint color and the furniture, the color of a throw rug and a sofa etc. is bound to fail. It actually puts limits on your imagination. Don’t be afraid to combine various colors and styles since when properly approached you are sure to get a desirable result.

  6. Going for curtain free patterns. There are a number of customers striving for the maximum simplicity and leaving the windows bare seems for them to be the best way to prove it but it’s actually not. Let’s suppose you prefer simplicity to elegance and hanging a few curtains is believed to be breaking your rule. However, the window treatments aren’t definitely something that you should overlook. Other than focusing on its functional aspect you should give credit to the overall atmosphere it creates.

  7. Taking the advice of others as the main guideline. It’s quite natural when your friends or shop-assistants impose on you with their advice in an attempt to help you make a decision. Of course, take them into consideration but don’t let others determine your choice and stay focused on your preferences.

  8. Sticking solely to the formal style. It’s, in fact, the most common mistake when people aim to give the apartment a sophisticated look. However, it is pretty easy to lose the balance between the elegance and formality. When coming back home after a long day you obviously seek out comfort and coziness, thus keeping to the formal style is a better alternative for the office rather than your home.

  9. Turning away from minimalism. Although it may sound a little bit vague quite a simple idea is meant. Attempting to make the most out of their home people tend to go by principle – the more the better. Hence, they are desperately trying to set up as many accessories as they can that leads to cluttering their room in the long run. A cluttered apartment doesn’t provide an inviting atmosphere.

  10. Choosing your favorite color as the main interior color. Let’s suppose red is your favorite color and you are determined to pick it up as the dominant color. The chances are you will get tired of it soon. Hence, the advice is not about checking your favorites off the list but using it in small quantities.

  11. Painting the walls first. Those painting the walls before choosing the furniture are likely to get trapped afterward. There are tons of colors in the market to choose from. However, with regard to the furniture, your choice is quite limited. It is subsequently one of the most common mistakes people might regret in the long run.

  12. Opting for artificial flowers. The fake flowers got out of fashion long ago. However, it is not about keeping up with new ever-changing fashion trends but realizing that the artificial flowers will make your apartment look dull and inanimate. Hence, it’s advisable that you go for some other alternatives.


As the old saying goes “Forewarned is forearmed”. Now having this information on the most common decorating mistakes at your disposal that you can turn to at any time – your decorating is certain to be mistake-free. And keep in mind that you should be truthful to your tastes and preferences even if it is something disapproved by others. Good luck with your choice!

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