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How To Design A Kitchen Using IKEA


The picture of an IKEA kitchen design on Pinterest or the IKEA catalog can be really captivating. You may have even downloaded some images from websites that display IKEA cabinets kitchen illustrations as well as, probably, have some fascinations of implementing these designs for your kitchen. However, you never seem to get started. It seems like a big challenge to go beyond downloading images and filling your mind with fascinations. This is because implementing a change can sometimes be challenging, even as appealing as an IKEA cabinets kitchen.

Why are IKEA cabinet kitchens so popular choice? The answers are not far-fetched. These kitchen fixtures are economical and quite affordable to purchase. The cost savings that accompany an IKEA kitchen are difficult to ignore. However, an IKEA delivery can be a little intimidating and you are left to build and design your kitchen by yourself. Although the designs on the IKEA catalog look like they can be installed the next day after purchase, it is not easy to do it without a lot of pre-planning, if you want it to appear built-in and not take an "installed" appearance.

The kitchen installation process can also be stressful because, even though IKEA has a large collection of cabinetry, you would find that there's a limitation of cabinet sizes. So it can be challenging to figure out the appropriate placements for cabinets. At this point, it seems that hiring the services of a designer is the only one alternative to proper IKEA kitchen installation. However, a number of homeowners have successfully installed an IKEA cabinet kitchen. Below are useful tips which have helped them to implement their designs.


Three Quick and Vital Steps

1. Spend some time researching IKEA's kitchen pictures and gathering as many tips as you can (as a part of those tips you’ll also find in this article).

2. Engage an IKEA staff that works in the kitchen department. IKEA's staffs are receptive and resourceful and can help you get started with their kitchen design tool. Your contact with an IKEA staff is very important in keeping you on the right path. Although you would still be doing the design yourself, an IKEA staff would help you harness the benefits if their design program.

3. Use the IKEA kitchen planner: use the online design tool to modify your design.

Tips on Designing Your Kitchen Using IKEA

1. Mixing Materials: You don't have to use the same colors or door style for the whole kitchen. Employ different styles. Let the pantry, island and upper cabinetry take different styles. You can also introduce different colors and materials in the toe kick and side panel.

2. Use Custom Doors If You Are Not Satisfied With IKEA's Offer: What if you don't find all the door styles and finishes at IKEA satisfactory? Then invest a little more and get custom doors made of your desired material and finishing.

3. Get Hardware Elsewhere: It is important you source for hardware elsewhere and not use IKEA's handles for your drawers and doors. You would find a wide variety of nice (and inexpensive) hardware in the market. A good idea is to look out for hardware places specializing in this product.

4. Purchase a Quartz Countertop: Aside handles, it’s also a good idea not to use IKEA's faucet, countertop surface and/or sink. Since purchasing IKEA cabinets saved you some money, you should invest in a beautiful Quartz countertop like Cambria or Caesar stone. Then go to a plumbing store and purchase a heavy gauge sink and a high quality faucet.

5. Invest In Good Lightening: You should also invest in good lightning because it is vital for your kitchen. A good idea is a flush mounted LED lighting. You would need your electrician to help you install it. Also, ensure that he routes in LED strip lighting under your uppers. Have LED flush mount pot lights installed in your ceiling and you won't have to worry about changing a bulb again.

6. Be Innovative: When dealing with IKEA's cabinets, you have to be innovative. This is because they are designed with limited dimensions. You may need to use panels to design stack cabinets for a taller kitchen, some custom sized open shelves, add legs on a top cabinet in order to make it into bench seating, and many more requirements depending on your peculiarities. So, brainstorm, be innovative and think out of the box.

7. IKEA Kitchen Sales Event: If luck runs your path and you happened to make your purchase during an IKEA kitchen sales event, then you should carefully keep the gift cards you get and use them to buy drawer dividers and inserts in the future. You might never be able to tell what you need until your kitchen is installed.

8. Have Fun In The Process: The Process of planning your IKEA kitchen can be stressful, even for an IKEA small kitchen design, but don't miss out the opportunity to alleviate the strenuous process with some fun.

9. Hire the Services of a Professional: What if you prefer to part with some money instead of going through the strenuous process of installing your IKEA kitchen? Then hire the services of a professional. A professional would help you install your IKEA cabinets in a way that they look built-in, not just "installed".



Using this IKEA kitchen planner, you’ll definitely reach success and experience a great result of your IKEA kitchen design. If you feel that it’s difficult for you to do everything by yourself and you need a professional assistance, then Pronto Assembly is ready to help.

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