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How to Paint IKEA Furniture?

When you think about painting IKEA furniture you may be little worried as to how to properly do it. Well, do not worry. You can easily do it on your own. It is not a difficult task to paint IKEA furniture, especially if you know the right way how to add original sheen to the furniture.

When you plan to repaint IKEA furniture it can certainly transform the overall look of the furniture. While lots of people simply get horrified with the idea of how to paint IKEA furniture, others simply try and accomplish the task easily

Certainly, it can be a little bit tricky to paint your IKEA furniture, especially to laminate coated items, but with right tricks, you can easily accomplish the task.

If you want to get the new look for your IKEA furniture but have no idea on how you can you paint IKEA furniture, then take some minutes and read the tips, mentioned below. They’ll help you to paint it right and without any problems.

Using Sand Is Effective

Most IKEA furniture items come with a coating of laminate wax which makes the entire painting task little difficult, as the paint doesn’t stick properly to the surface. The process of sanding helps a lot as to scrape the surface and make it bit rough. This helps the primer to work better and find a grip. You can accomplish the sanding process by hand with the help of a 150 grit sander or you can also use the electric sander to do the job.

Cleaning Is Important

After the sanding process is over, cleaning plays a crucial role. Use a damp cloth to remove the dust and then use TSP to get a thorough clean. This process of cleaning will eradicate the grease that otherwise may not allow the primer to stick properly to the surface.

Using Primer to Paint Well

It is always better to use primer when you repaint IKEA furniture. If the IKEA pieces are laminate coated then using oil based primer will help you a lot. Make sure that you apply oil paint primer in an open space (as its fumes are very strong).

Use foam brushes when applying the primer so that you don’t get brush marks. On the other hand, you can also use spray on the primer which can be applied in thin layers is such a way that it doesn’t come off with a scratch when dried up.

The best thing you can do for good priming is to let the primer dry for the required time as mentioned in the package under product manufactory instructions. Do not ignore the details on the package!

Paint It

Well, you have reached a stage where you need painting over IKEA furniture, and now, after you are done with priming, you can go for any paint you like, for example, chalk, milk or latex. You can even try spray painting IKEA furniture to get a new look.

Seal the Furniture Polyurethane

This is an important stage which you have to do carefully. After you have already painted IKEA furniture, you should coat the surface with a clear varnish (polyurethane) or simply a clear wax. This will give extra protection to the furniture in the long run. If your furniture is exposed to a high traffic area, the applying varnish will protect your furniture as well as will help it to deal with heavy usage.

In case you select wax to act as a sealant, make sure you use a wax brush or a cloth for its application. Leave it for the time suggested to dry up. You not only need a good brush, while using varnish but also you should make sure that it gets dried up for the required amount of time.

Spray Paint – Can I use For IKEA Furniture?

There are many people who ask this question while they are on their hunt to search answers for the question how to repaint IKEA furniture? They aren’t sure about the process. When the thought hits your mind about spray paint IKEA furniture and how to do it properly, do not over think, as it is absolutely fine and easy to do. The only thing that matters is that it takes a little longer to form the layers to get that perfect finish.

You need to be a little patience to wait until the last coat that you applied will properly dry up. In case you are painting a furniture piece that doesn’t deal with heavy traffic, then a normal spray on – acrylic sealer can accomplish the task. On the other hand, if you are painting a door, shelving, drawers or something that sees a lot of traffic, then you need a heavy duty sealer like Minwax Polyacrylic.

Above all, you need to let your furniture dry properly before you assemble it.

Tips to Paint IKEA Furniture

Certain tips listed below can help you paint your IKEA furniture the right way:

  • Make sure you select a shellac based primer. Although it has a terrible smell, it dries really well and defends perfectly the chipping paint for any piece of furniture that deals with heavy traffic.

  • A roller brush is an ideal tool to paint IKEA furniture, but if you want a professional finish you can also use a paint sprayer.

  • It is recommended to paint furniture when it is disassembled.

  • Let the sealant dry for a maximum number of hours, before you’ll assemble your furniture.


The simple and effective tips are going to help you to paint the furniture well. Make sure you read the instructions given by the manufacturer to know the time period for which you need to keep the paint. Do not rush to use or assemble your furniture after painting, as it needs enough time to dry. Painting your furniture gives it a new look and brings back its previous glory. That’s why it is so important to keep in mind all the tips and steps mentioned above.


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