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Ikea Assembly Service

Ikea Assembly Service

Do you live in New York City, and are you looking for an IKEA Assembly service near you? We're a Brooklyn, NYC based IKEA Assembly Service company offering reliable, courteous assembly of your IKEA furniture. Our handymen are experts at putting together IKEA furniture, so save yourself the hassle and let us deliver and/or assemble your furniture.

Ikea Assembly Service in NYC

We know that IKEA instructions can be frustrating and assembling the furniture always seems to take three times as long as you'd think! Since we put together IKEA furniture all the time, we will do it efficiently, and correctly, the first time. And we are experts at reading IKEA's famously simple-yet-difficult-to-read assembly-instructions. ;)

So don't worry, be happy – let us handle anything and everything you need when you want to add some IKEA furniture to your home – we can handle everything from shopping, to delivery, to assembly. Our friendly and professional assembly crew will surprise you with our efficiency so you can start enjoying your new furniture without the hassle, and know it was assembled and installed correctly.

IKEA Assembly Service in Brooklyn, NYC - We are the experts!


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