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What is Flat Pack Furniture?


The assemblage and manufacturing industries of flat pack furniture are rapidly thriving. Flat pack furniture has an affordable price and futuristic design. The flat-packed furniture comes with the inviting promise of easy installation that makes it easy to access. The flat packs are also designed with the eco-friendly philosophy.

It will be hard for us to deny the readiness to get rid of the old oak cabinets and buy the latest IKEA flat pack furniture. A single look at the furniture and you won’t need any convincing. It is so easy, that if you go to the store for a replacement of your old kettle, you will come back home with the complete set of new flat pack packaging kitchen that you purchased on a whim. Be sure, flat pack furniture is a perfect choice for every home.

However, let us delve objectively into flat pack furniture fixings, design, advantages and other factors that will help you to understand why it is the best option for the modern homes. Here we have everything you need to know about the flat pack furniture. So, let’s start!

What Is Flat Pack Furniture

The flat packs are commonly known as the ready to assemble furniture. It is incredibly famous and people prefer to buy this furniture because of its reasonable price and durability.

The flat pack bedroom furniture is the type of furniture that is designed in flat parts. The biggest attraction of the furniture is that you can easily assemble it after the purchase without any special tools. There are no special techniques required for the assembly of IKEA flat pack furniture. The flat pack furniture is delivered in separate boxes with all the pieces, important bolts, and nuts that will allow you to assemble the furniture on your own. You will get the instruction manual. So, the one thing you’ll need to do will be just to read it and move to its assembly, which will take a few minutes. Depending on the type of product that you have ordered, the pieces of flat pack furniture can range from 5 to 50. There are many retailers that are providing the complete variety of flat-pack furniture but the most famous of them is IKEA.

The Material Used for Manufacturing Flat Pack Furniture

A common question a lot of people ask concerns the material which is used for flat pack furniture manufacturing. Some of the common materials are:

  1. Medium density fiberboard (MDF);

  2. Solid wood boards;

  3. Chipboards.

The residual of hardwood and softwood are mixed with wax and they are combined to form a panel that we call MDF. It is stronger as compared to chipboard. The chipboards are commonly made with

  1. Sawdust

  2. Wood Chippings

  3. Shavings and particles of wood

All these materials are bound together to form a board. The best thing about the chipboard is that it is sustainable as well as available at affordable rate. The only issue with the product is that it is vulnerable to water damage. With the passage of time and fluctuations in temperature, solid wood will crack, but it is not an issue that you will find in the chipboards.

The rate of MDF can vary, depending on the quality of the product. If the best quality MDF boards are used in the flat pack furniture, the product will be much stronger as compared to chipboards. MDF is very easy to share and work with, it is not like the solid wood. MDF is commonly used for the manufacturing of furniture types like cabinets and desks.


Advantages of Flat Pack Furniture

The decision of buying the flat pack furniture is the best decision that you can take in your life. There are a lot of advantages that you will get with the flat pack furniture. Here we have discussed some of the common benefits that will make you leave your work, so you can buy the IKEA flat pack furniture.


The most famous and the biggest benefit of the flat pack furniture is its affordability. The furniture is available at a reasonable rate because the mass production is easy and affordable. Even the raw material is available at affordable rate. Flat pack furniture is cheap because it is considered to have low durability. However, if you are able to manage and maintain the furniture properly it will serve lots of years.


The flat pack furniture is very easy to disassemble, transport and reassemble as well. The manufacturers do not have to spend tons of money on the transportation and shipping of flat pack furniture. Even the customers can pick their furniture themselves and assemble as well as install it as soon as they reach their houses.

Customization Options Available

You will be surprised to know that there are several available customization options when it comes to the flat pack furniture. There are many online hacks and sites that will allow you to improve the look of your flat pack furniture. You can easily change the style and design by using the useful tips available online. With little money, you can easily make your flat packs look more luxurious and expensive.

Fine Quality

The furniture is cut by machines, so labor is not used for its designing and manufacturing. That is why you will always get the finest results. It provides companies with a great chance to cut the cost because they will not have to pay for labor or deal with other issues that come with it.


If you are planning to change your house or improve the look of your interior, you can easily pack or drag the furniture anywhere you like. It is very easy to move from one place to another. Just place it in the flat box and transport it to any corner of the world that you want.

The only issue that you will find in the flat pack furniture is that there are no design options available. You can resolve this issue, using the hacks. Make sure to hire a professional if you feel difficulties with the furniture assembly.



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